Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Inmates riot at Calipatria State Prison

UPDATE: Lt. Jorge Santana says at around 6:20 pm a single inmate approached 5 other inmates standing near the track, and began stabbing them. The five stopped the stabber, but the Lt. says they would not stop beating on him. The incident was broken up after guards fired warning shots. It was not over, however. More inmates began breaking trays and other items in the dinning area, using whatever they could break as weapons. Santana says that incident spilled over into the culinary area, with inmates again grabbing what they could to use as weapons. More warning shots were fired, including small caliber weapons and pepper spray. When it was over, nine inmates were injured and taken to area hospitals, some out of the County. Santana says most of the injured have been returned to the facility. One remains hospitalized. The Lt. says 115 inmates have been identified as participating in the riot, but the investigation is continuing. The Facility is on lockdown, with those involved being placed on a modified program which restricts any freedom they may have had at the facility.
Imperial Valley Press — Inmates involved in a riot Saturday at Calipatria State Prison are on lockdown while authorities investigate the incident, said a prison official.

Lt. Jorge Santana could not confirm what sparked the riot or how many inmates were involved, pending the investigation, but he did say that those involved are on a modified program, which curtails what freedom of movement they had, “except for what is absolutely necessary.”

Calipatria State Prison, a maximum security facility, houses some 3,400 inmates, Santana said. At least half of them are serving life sentences, many without the chance of parole.

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