Saturday, 10 September 2011

18-year-old sentenced to prison for knifing

A Willits man was sentenced last week to five years in state prison for stabbing a man in January on East Valley Street.

Chef Robert Fransen, 18, pleaded guilty to battery with great bodily injury earlier this year. At his last sentencing hearing in May, Fransen's lawyer and mother pleaded for leniency and Judge Ann Moorman agreed to send Fransen to San Quentin Prison for an evaluation before sentencing. In several other cases, such an evaluation has paved the way for a probation sentence with requirements to enter treatment facilities.
Fransen failed to cooperate with the psychologists at San Quentin and they recommended he be sentenced to prison, leaving Moorman with few options. Moorman sentenced Fransen to the maximum prison term.

Fransen was arrested for attempted murder with great bodily injury after stabbing Terrance Young, 19, of Willits, in the side to the hilt with a switchblade knife. Young nearly bled to death, losing a kidney in the knifing. Young has already incurred more than $260,000 in medical treatments to save his life.

Young and Fransen were well acquainted with each other, having been together off and on in the hours leading up to the stabbing. The stabbing occurred on the 200 block of East Valley Street. According to an eye witness, Fransen became unhappy because someone at the residence had "disrespected" a red bandana, one of the emblems of the Norteno street gang. This "disrespect" led first to a verbal argument between Young and Fransen.

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